LolGH - 10k followers on Instagram!!!

10k followers on Instagram!!!

Published on 05/02/2019

So we recently hit 10k followers on Instagram!!! And by recently we mean literally 2 days ago 😏. But for us that's mind-blowing. That’s 10,000 individuals from all over the world that have come by our page and said “Charley! Your stuff dey bi waah!”. 10 tau-send!!!!

Every single double-tap on our toons, every share and every comment, may take little or no effort from our fans but mean the entire world to each member of our team. Our plan from the very beginning was to re-tell our culture and stories in a comedic way - keeping them alive but lighthearted in the hope that we are able to put a smile on their faces in the process. It hasn’t always been easy, but having people appreciate our content is the only fuel we need to keep pushing ahead.

You guys keep us going and we promise to keep dishing out more dope content. 🙏🏾 you. ❤️🤗 #thankYou #letterToOurFans #onToAMillie