LolGH - About Us

We will make you laugh!

We are LolGH – the biggest and baddest animation studio in Africa…soon.

Our comic strips and toons are our awesome attempt at depicting isolated, stupid and funny events in Ghana, Africa and the world. Just jokes really!!! :)

We are just a bunch of regular guys who want to make people laugh everyday by exposing the Ghanaian and African everyday way of life in a different and funny light. Our plan is to keep putting out the most awesome content and keep pushing the boundaries of excellence in animation and comic art.

We also have a TONS of stuff on our roadmap!!! So get in touch if you’d like to hear more or collaborate in anyway.

Meet the team!

Daniel Ebow Coker (aka. Bobo)
Amaka Igelenyah (aka. Amy)
Lead Artist + Character designer
Blessed Igelenyah (aka. Kemical)
Lead Animator
Manny Acquah (aka. Wallen)
That TECH guy